Running 100 Miles is Totally Reasonable

I just devoured this book: Grand Trail by Alexis and Frederic Berg. It’s a combination of articles on ultra trail running, profiles of ultra trail runners and races and tons of phenomenal pictures. One article talks about how we are born to run. That we as a species survived and thrived largely because our bodies are built for longContinue reading “Running 100 Miles is Totally Reasonable”

I Was a Bad Mom on Mother’s Day

I ran the Colorado Women’s Classic 10 miler on Mother’s Day. Big Girl ran the kid’s fun run. She did well and ran the whole 100 yards or so. And then she got a cupcake. So she should’ve been set, right? Turns out she didn’t get her fix with the 100 yards or so. WhenContinue reading “I Was a Bad Mom on Mother’s Day”

You Know That Thing You Want to Do? What’s Stopping You?

I’m running the Colorado’s Women’s Classic 10 mile race on Mother’s Day. It’s been awhile since I did a race so I’m feeling a mix of nervous and excited. A friend of mine registered months ago. It took me a lot longer. Then one day she asked me, “What’s stopping you?” Those probably weren’t her exactContinue reading “You Know That Thing You Want to Do? What’s Stopping You?”

I’m Grumpy! And Don’t Try to Stop Me.

  I’ve been feeling stressed, completely maxed out, burnt out and grumpy. Especially grumpy. I’ve been extra impatient with the girls all week and especially with Big Girl who, never a model pottier, seems to have forgotten how to use the toilet all together. She wets her pants at least once a day. At age 5! We’veContinue reading “I’m Grumpy! And Don’t Try to Stop Me.”