Laura Waldrop

Yoga Therapist (In Training)

Every time I pause and re-center myself in my purpose, it is this: to build authentic connection. Because I believe it is ultimately through connection (to our mind, our heart, our body, to others and to the earth) that we can heal anything and everything, from IT band syndrome to loneliness.

It is with this intention that I welcome you to this space. Whether in group yoga or private yoga therapy, I promise to honor your whole self exactly as it is in each and every moment.


I am currently an RYT200 Yoga Teacher working towards my yoga therapy credential. I’m also an endurance athlete, runner and former RRCA Certified Running Coach. I use both my running and yoga practices to meditate, connect breath and movement, process energy and emotion, and, ultimately, care for my whole self. It’s my hope and dream to share these gifts with you.