Group Yoga

All group classes are, at this time, offered live on Zoom.

Group classes focus on building community and authentic connection. We will spend class time checking in with each other, asking questions, making comments, chatting, joking etc. With the exception of Yoga Nidra, I like to think of my classes as “conversational.” Classes are slow paced in order to bring heightened awareness to the body and discover ways to move that are truly beneficial. If your intention is to get a workout, lose weight or change your body shape these are not the classes for you. If you’re looking for acceptance, belonging and a slow-paced, healing movement practice, you’re in the right place!

New students are welcome to try 1 group class for FREE with coupon code FREECLASS.

“I have taken many group yoga classes at various studios since my introduction to yoga 20 years ago. Some have been for fun, others for strength, some for relaxation, and others for flexibility. But I never found a teacher or class that I loved until I started Laura’s group classes a few years ago.”

– Emily b.

Community Circle + Yoga
Tuesday 8:00 pm MT (60 min)

The format of this class may vary from week to week to meet the needs of the group. It might include gentle or active yoga. It might include meditation or yoga nidra. But regardless of what it “might” include, it will always include a gathering of friends.

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Gentle Movement + Yoga Nidra
Thursday at 12:00 pm MT (60 min)

During this class we will practice gentle movements and/or restorative postures, primarily on the floor, to prepare the body for Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practiced laying on the back. It can feel like the space in between asleep and awake. With Yoga Nidra we can quickly down regulate the nervous system and create an environment for the body to heal itself. Wear warm clothes and have a thin pillow and blanket or two handy.

Yoga Stretch for Runners
Currently on hold; contact me with interest
Props highly recommended

Feeling tight after your weekend long run? This class will focus primarily on stretching the legs and hips. I’ll check in with everyone at the beginning of each class in order to meet your specific needs each week. Non-runners are welcome as well!

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Yoga Posture Q&A
Currently on hold; contact me with interest
Props highly recommended

Am I supposed to side-bend in triangle? How can I take the pressure off my wrists in down dog? And how does a person even do crow? Bring any and all of your questions to this class and we’ll break them down. Come prepared to move as you would in any other yoga class. All levels welcome.

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