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Utilize the tools of yoga to heal anything from physical pain and discomfort to anxiety and loneliness.

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Private Yoga Therapy

Private yoga therapy utilizes the tools of yoga and the power of awareness for healing. As a running coach and endurance athlete, I especially welcome those looking to break the cycle of overuse injuries.

Group Yoga

Group classes focus on building community and authentic connection. Classes are slow paced in order to bring heightened awareness to the body and discover ways to move that are truly beneficial.

Jewelry + Malas

Customized malas for your mantra meditation practice and handmade jewelry made with real gemstones and a passion for creative expression.

The ego seeks to divide and separate.

Spirit seeks to unify and heal.

Pema Chodron

The yoga you will find here is not an exercise program. It’s not just stretching.

The yoga you will find here is about changing our lives through connection and healing.

About Me

I am an RYT200 Yoga Teacher working towards my yoga therapy certification, endurance athlete, writer, creator and mom.

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Arvada, CO
9:30am-2:40pm M-F