Summer Group Yoga

Wednesdays 10:30am

In Person in Arvada, CO
$20/class or $85 for 7 classes
Kids welcome

Registration Opens 5/24


For summer only, students will have the option to register for the full summer series or individual classes. I am only teaching one class/week, which means availability will be very limited. I recommend registering for classes as soon as possible to secure your spot. I will share registration links in my May newsletter on Tuesday, 5/24 and elsewhere on Thursday, 5/26. For first opportunity to register, sign up for my newsletter here.


6/15 – Hip Mobility
Learn about the movements of the hip and bring awareness to your own perfectly personal range of motion. Learn how hip mobility shows up in traditional yoga postures and how to make them your own.

6/22 – Shoulder Mobility, Send Bends & Twists
Learn about the movements of the shoulder and it’s relationship to the rib cage and thoracic spine. Discover how to move in side bends and twists in a way that is most beneficial to you and your body.

6/29 – Core + Sun Salutations
Sun salutations show up in so many yoga classes, yet how often are they actually taught? Bring awareness to the role of your core, and learn how you can modify your sun salutation to serve you.

7/13 – Backbends
Learn how to access your thoracic spine and practice backbends in a way that doesn’t trigger lower back pain.

7/27 – Intro to Yoga Therapy
If you want to learn more about yoga therapy without committing the time and money to a private package, this is your opportunity!

8/3 – Balance for Walkers and Runners
During this class I will share with you how I’ve blended physics and yoga to help my clients find more ease and less pain in walking, running and navigating stairs.

8/10 – Play with Challenging Postures
Play and explore with postures like crow, shoulderstand and/or headstand in a judgement free zone. Do you have a goal pose you’d like to learn more about? Send me your requests!

“I have taken many group yoga classes at various studios since my introduction to yoga 20 years ago. Some have been for fun, others for strength, some for relaxation, and others for flexibility. But I never found a teacher or class that I loved until I started Laura’s group classes a few years ago.”

– Emily b.

Kids Welcome

You’re always welcome to bring your kids to in person classes. There is a playroom right next to the practice room that is geared toward preschool aged children. (Though kids of all ages are welcome.) They play while we practice. In other words, this is not a Parent/Tot class.

They will periodically interrupt your practice. This is no big deal, and nobody gets upset.

My Style

Classes are slow paced, with a focus on anatomy and functional mobility, in order to bring awareness to the body and discover ways to move that are truly beneficial.

I always strive to meet the unique needs and desires of every person and group. I will have a plan coming into class, but regularly adjust depending on the questions and conditions my students bring. No matter what, I promise you will fit right in and be just fine as you are now. Yes, YOU.

It’s yoga, but it’s also a social hour

Group classes are about building community and authentic connection. Small classes (3-5 people) mean I can really pay attention to you and the way you’re moving.

But perhaps more importantly, it makes it easier for us to interact. We discuss, chat and laugh and get to know each other during class.

If your intention is to get a workout, lose weight or change your body shape these are not the classes for you. (I mean, sometimes workouts happen, but that’s not my priority.) If you’re looking for acceptance, belonging and a healing movement practice, you’re in the right place!