Heart-Centered Yoga-Bio-Engineering

I am a deeply feeling person, with an incredible ability to analyze problems. Math was my favorite subject growing up. I wasn’t big into reading, but I would do math worksheets for fun. After returning from the library, I would create a chart scoring each book on various characteristics, like cover and length (the shorterContinue reading “Heart-Centered Yoga-Bio-Engineering”

Get To the Root of Pain and Reprogram the Brain

Raise your hand if there is a muscle or two in your body that remains tight no matter how much you stretch it. Do the same old overuse injuries continue to sneak up on you, despite adding a strength program to your routine? I don’t have anything against stretching and strengthening. But we’re doing ourselves a disservice if we stop there.

It’s not a yoga class. It’s a therapy.

When I say, “Come try yoga therapy!” I think sometimes what people hear is, “Come to my yoga class. It’s such great therapy!” Now, I do love a yoga class. I even teach them. But that’s not what I mean. Yoga therapy is not a yoga class; it’s a therapy. It’s for physical pain. It’sContinue reading “It’s not a yoga class. It’s a therapy.”

The Who Whats of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a practice for healing physical pain and discomfort. I teach my clients to become aware of how their physical body moves and feels, as well as to the connection between their mind and body. Through this awareness, my clients discover how to move and live in ways that lead to the reduction of pain. It’s a therapy, not a fitness program.