Forget About Moderation and Try Seasonality Instead

A few weeks ago, I woke up before the sun and drove to Nederland High School, where I picked up a shuttle to the Hessie trailhead. I started hiking just after sunrise beneath a canopy of autumn leaves. There was a chill in the air, but it was warm enough for me to break aContinue reading “Forget About Moderation and Try Seasonality Instead”

Heart-Centered Yoga-Bio-Engineering

I am a deeply feeling person, with an incredible ability to analyze problems. Math was my favorite subject growing up. I wasn’t big into reading, but I would do math worksheets for fun. After returning from the library, I would create a chart scoring each book on various characteristics, like cover and length (the shorterContinue reading “Heart-Centered Yoga-Bio-Engineering”

Get To the Root of Pain and Reprogram the Brain

Raise your hand if there is a muscle or two in your body that remains tight no matter how much you stretch it. Do the same old overuse injuries continue to sneak up on you, despite adding a strength program to your routine? I don’t have anything against stretching and strengthening. But we’re doing ourselves a disservice if we stop there.