It’s not a yoga class. It’s a therapy.

When I say, “Come try yoga therapy!” I think sometimes what people hear is, “Come to my yoga class. It’s such great therapy!” Now, I do love a yoga class. I even teach them. But that’s not what I mean. Yoga therapy is not a yoga class; it’s a therapy. It’s for physical pain. It’sContinue reading “It’s not a yoga class. It’s a therapy.”

The Who Whats of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a practice for healing physical pain and discomfort. I teach my clients to become aware of how their physical body moves and feels, as well as to the connection between their mind and body. Through this awareness, my clients discover how to move and live in ways that lead to the reduction of pain. It’s a therapy, not a fitness program.

We Can All Do More

It’s been quite a week. I graduated from the Maitri 250hr Yoga Teacher Training program Wednesday evening. I don’t really have adequate words to describe the women I came to know through this program. They fill me up. I have to keep reminding myself to check my ego. These ladies just won’t quit with the compliments!Continue reading “We Can All Do More”

I’m Teaching Free Yoga Classes. You Should Come.

The time has come! The time is now! Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go now?? Oh wups. I got carried away for a second there. Actually, the time has come for Yoga Teacher Training graduation. And the time is tomorrow. I can’t believe it. The last year has flown by. So, naturally, I’m starting toContinue reading “I’m Teaching Free Yoga Classes. You Should Come.”