Happy Day After Thanksgiving

Happy day after Thanksgiving friends! The other day, a friend of mine asked me about the holidays. I told her I expect them to be both hard and wonderful. And that’s pretty much exactly how yesterday went. I stopped by my parents’ house in the morning to pick up a serving bowl and a pot to steam green beans.Continue reading “Happy Day After Thanksgiving”

This Should Totally Work: Pizza, Diet, Cake

I thought about going on a diet at the grocery store this morning, which is quite a feat because usually I think about how I want to buy all the donuts. I suppose this is something I am always quietly considering underneath all the other thoughts. Sometimes less quietly. I’ve never been an especially “healthy”Continue reading “This Should Totally Work: Pizza, Diet, Cake”

Say Goodbye to All Your Labels With These Two Words

It’s been a rough week. Everyone was sick. And in the middle of all the snot and phlegm and co-pays and Tylenol I was busy getting ready to open up my online Yoga Inspired Jewelry shop. It was crazy and hectic and extra hard, but now it’s done. The shop is open! There are malas sittingContinue reading “Say Goodbye to All Your Labels With These Two Words”

Big Things Are Happening

Big things are happening around here these days. Let me share. My husband cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE this weekend. Isn’t he the best? I don’t even remember how he forgot to pack my wedding dress. Baby Girl is no longer staying up with me after Big Girl goes to bed at night! Instead, they bothContinue reading “Big Things Are Happening”