Change It

I’m sitting on our back deck, as I write this, enjoying the view. The occasional hummingbird stops by to drink from the feeders. A crow just landed on the tippy top of the tallest nearby tree and called out to his friends. It’s a pretty lovely place to be.

The only thing that could further perfect the scene would be dry clothes. I just finished a 7 mile run/hike in nearby Golden Gate Canyon State Park, and I’m still wearing my sweat drenched sports bra. As soon as I finish this up, I’ll shower and change and then, maybe, read in the hammock. What a life, huh?

I was going to write something today about how yoga therapy works with the physical body, but I think what I’d rather say is this.

So much is out of our control, AND YET, so much still is.

I had terrible PPE (postpartum everything) after my first daughter was born. My parents died, relatively young, and within 7 months of each other. Last year, there was a pandemic. All of this was out of my control.


I left a well paid job in corporate America to start my own business. I moved across the country to be closer to family and old friends. Most days I go for a run. I’ve done this for long enough now that sometimes I can travel quite a long ways on foot. I’m making an effort to get to the mountains once a week to disconnect, hit the trails, write and do things like listen to this bluebird making a racket. Who knew that’s what they sounded like?!

Of course, I am incredibly privileged in many ways. I can’t continue without acknowledging that. I am extremely grateful for the options and opportunities life’s afforded me. But I’ve also made choices, big and small, that led to this exact seat. In many ways, I’ve created this beautiful life of mine.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we have more control than we sometimes think. We have more control over the way we spend our money, time and energy than we sometimes think.

I used to think I needed to get better at practicing contentment. Now I think – if something needs to change – change it.

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