Start Running by Setting These 3 Expectations

I have a theory that shame keeps a lot of people from running. Tell me honestly (or at least tell yourself) if you can relate to the following story. Jennifer (Let’s call her Jennifer. That’s a nice generic name if you’re an Xennial.) looks in the mirror and says to herself, “Ugh. My thighs areContinue reading “Start Running by Setting These 3 Expectations”

Start Running in 2017 and Then Virtual Race My Toddler

Need motivation to start running in 2017? Try the Race My Toddler Virtual 2K. It’s free, you can do it anywhere, there will be prizes and I will send you a training plan that kicks off on January 3rd when you subscribe to the blog. [mc4wp_form id=”1506″] It’s for adults, but bring the kids. Use this as motivation andContinue reading “Start Running in 2017 and Then Virtual Race My Toddler”