Say Goodbye to All Your Labels With These Two Words

It’s been a rough week. Everyone was sick. And in the middle of all the snot and phlegm and co-pays and Tylenol I was busy getting ready to open up my online Yoga Inspired Jewelry shop. It was crazy and hectic and extra hard, but now it’s done. The shop is open! There are malas sittingContinue reading “Say Goodbye to All Your Labels With These Two Words”

You Could Win a Mala, Not a Boobie

A frank conversation between myself and I. Plus, a video about what a mala is. I think we all know the kind of difference a boss can make in terms of job satisfaction and I have a great one. She gives me tons of creative freedom, pushes me to do super scary things (like post a video aboutContinue reading “You Could Win a Mala, Not a Boobie”

Not a Great Day

“I am so angry now. I’m seething. My mouth is taut, teeth grinding. My fists are clenched. My 18 month old is screaming. Mostly because I don’t have it in me to show her affection right now. I’m not proud of this, but it’s the truth.” That is all the more I wrote during the 2.5Continue reading “Not a Great Day”