“My left hip had bothered me on and off for years. I had been going to the chiropractor for several weeks, and then I switched to physically therapy. The trips to the chiropractor were initially helpful, but I felt like I wasn’t learning anything about my body mechanics that would help me make changes and bring awareness to the way I was moving in my daily life.  I needed to do something different that would help me gain some ground rehabbing this hip. 

In my first session with Laura, I learned so much about what muscles were over working and which were not working much at all. It made so much sense. It was so eye opening, and I was excited to learn about my body in this way. 

In subsequent sessions I learned so much more. Laura’s approach of guiding you through an investigation is why you walk away from these sessions more mindful about your body. This was a much different approach than my other treatment experiences for my hip.  My hip pain is now under control, and I didn’t have to completely stop my activities. I learned how to listen to my body, but keep moving. 

Both my kids have been in speech therapy, and the approach is to train the parent so they can incorporate the techniques into everyday interactions with their child. I feel like that’s what I got out of my sessions with Laura.  She taught me about my injury/pain and body mechanics in a way that I can apply in my everyday life (from my exercise routine to standing at my desk).

Laura is one of the most mindful people I’ve ever met. I love working with her.  Anyone ready to be more mindful about their body or ready to try something different to alleviate pain – I absolutely recommend yoga therapy with Laura.”

– Steph w.

“I recently completed yoga therapy with Laura. Despite it being virtual due to the pandemic (You wouldn’t think that yoga therapy would be accessible over Zoom.), I found that the sessions worked really well. Laura was able to pay close attention to how I was moving my body and where I needed to make adjustments. 

Laura is incredibly in touch with her clients. She practices active listening and coaching skills to really get to the bottom of what is going on.

I have knee problems and that was my initial reason for working with Laura. Everything I have tried so far (short of surgery) has proven useless. But when I worked with Laura, she really listened to what was going on with my body, how I moved and how I worked with the knee issues.

She was very experimental in terms of ways to dig deeper into what the root cause may be and gave me very gentle but focused exercises to help me fully get in tune with my body in a totally different way. I was amazed at how such small movements were able to create such energy and how paying attention to small inconspicuous compensations were important. She really brought a mindful approach to the sessions and gave me a solid foundation for me to use on my own time. 

On top of that, Laura is caring, non-judgmental and appreciative of the time you are taking to take care of yourself. She has such a positive energy, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to do yoga therapy.”

– alice l

“After the very first session with Laura, I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt encouraged and I felt loved. In my sessions with Laura I learned how to consistently listen to my body and consistently accept my body with all of its strengths and limitations.

Laura taught me how to tune into what I am feeling without judgement, so that I can then consistently give my body what it needs, regardless if that is a day off, 5 or 20 minutes of yoga, or a 30 minute HIIT class. I now feel equipped to take what I have learned from Laura to honor my body in all the ways it is limited and all the ways that it is not. 

Yoga Therapy with Laura is more than stretching, moving, strengthening and correcting. Yoga therapy with Laura is about love.”

– laci r.

“I sit in front of a computer all day and my hips and neck always had pain. I just accepted that. But then I started working with Laura. She helped me explore the location and movements that felt better or worse. Laura paid such extreme attention to my movements, and provided simple, easy, targeted positions and stretches I could use.

One of the biggest changes has been helping me notice discomfort in my body, getting curious about it rather than upset, and gently trying things to provide balance and relief. Approaching it with curiosity and a belief that my body has wisdom, rather than the idea that something is wrong with my body and it can’t be trusted, has been so helpful!” 

– Tommie jean v.

“I have found Laura’s work with yoga therapy to be very empowering. The sessions are very collaborative. She guides me to discover how my body is moving and helps me to pay attention to how it feels, with the end result of improving my movements. I leave each session with a few movements that I felt really worked well for me. I can spend time doing these at home, but love having a weekly session to check in on my movements to help avoid developing a movement pattern that doesn’t serve my body well.”

– emily b.