Start Running With Yoga

Program Revamp Underway!

I’m in the process of updating and expanding my popular Start Running with Yoga program. My hope is to provide you with more resources and support in a format that’s better able to meet your busy schedule. Space is often limited. If you want to have the first opportunity to register for my next class, contact me today.

This online group program is for you if you sort of secretly want to start running, but aren’t sure if running is possible in your body.

  • Do you have a hard time finding the time to run and sticking to a training plan?
  • Have you tried running once, twice, twenty times, but always end up giving up?
  • Do you dread your runs because they huuuuuuuurt?
  • Do you end up injured every time you feel motivated and like you’re finally getting the hang of it?
  • Do you feel frustrated with the physical aches and pains you experience from running?
  • Do you feel like running is too hard and out of reach, like you’re just too slow and walk too much?

I believe that our bodies were built for running. It’s all in the approach.
Here’s what this program will include.


We will meet for 1 hour each week over Zoom. During the first part of each gathering we will check in with each other. Think of this as compassionate accountability.

Your teammates will cheer you on and help you tear down and break through limiting beliefs.

Run Coaching

Each week will also include run coaching. I will explain the fundamentals of training so that you get results without it hurting.

The program will include a beginner’s training plan that I will personalize for you as necessary.

Yoga Therapy

Each week will also include functional movement. It’s not going to look like yoga postures, and I don’t mean stretch.

Through this practice you will improve your movement patterns. This will translate to better running form and minimize the risk of injury.