I am currently offering both in person Private Yoga Therapy and virtual sessions via Zoom.
Fall group classes will begin August 2021.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy utilizes the tools of yoga for healing. This can include movement, breath work and/or meditation. It is always my intention to meet you where you are and to listen to and honor your whole self.

How does it work?

The secret ingredient at the core of yoga therapy is awareness. During our time together, we will bring a ton of awareness to the way your body is moving and identify compensatory movement patterns. This awareness will start to seep into your daily life, and you will begin to connect with your body in a new way.

As you work to quiet compensatory movement patterns, your body will begin to move in better and more efficient ways. This can lead to the reduction or eradication of pain and/or enhanced athletic performance.

“I became more aware and that was such a gift to me. I’ve actually started to subconsciously correct this compensation that was going on, and it’s helped me so much that I’m getting rid of my back pain. I started working out again. It’s been so great and very empowering to work with Laura, who is basically a body whisperer.”

– Katie L.

For Runners

As a runner, endurance athlete and former RRCA Certified Running Coach, I am all too familiar with the havoc running related injuries can wreak.

But I’m not the kind of yoga teacher that’s going to tell you that running is bad for the body. In fact, I believe the human body is built for running. Long distance running, specifically, gave our ancestors an evolutionary advantage. Still today, running is a powerful tool we can use to bring awareness to our prana, or vital life force, liberate stuck energy and process emotions.

But it’s hard to reap the benefits of running when we’re constantly side-lined. If you’re struggling to break the cycle of overuse injuries, I would love to work with you.

“I have been dealing with a nagging shoulder issue for several years that has been hindering my lifting at CrossFit and periodically have hip flexor issues that prevent me from walking and hiking without pain, so I was excited to see how Laura could help me improve these areas. 

Yoga therapy is not a magic bullet, but the awareness of my movement patterns has helped me immensely. After a couple sessions with Laura I was able to do snatches in a workout without pain which hadn’t happened for months!

– Emily B.

Yoga Therapy IS right for you if…

  • Pain, discomfort or injury has impacted your quality of life. There’s something you want to do that you can’t do now, and you’re motivated to find a solution. OR, you’re curious about what’s possible. You’re excited to see if you can improve running economy or athletic performance.
  • You understand that consistent practice is necessary for real and significant change.
  • You want to be an active partner in your healing.
  • You would like to work with a practitioner who listens closely to your story and believes what you say about your body.
  • You believe the physical, energetic and emotional bodies are connected.
  • You are ready to show up as your authentic self, share what you’re experiencing and be fully seen.

Yoga Therapy is NOT right for you if…

  • You’re basically content with your current situation. There’s not a big driver to change.
  • You’re hoping for a quick and easy solution.
  • You want someone else to “fix” you.
  • You’re interested in a straight forward solution that addresses only the physical body.
  • You’re afraid to go to a group yoga class because you don’t want the other students to see and judge your body or abilities.

If any of this sounds like you, that’s okay! You might find that a group class better meets your needs. Please still reach out. I really and truly want to help, even if that means referring you to a different practitioner.

Ready for change?

Contact me or schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation. We’ll chat about what you’re looking for, what I offer and whether it’s the right fit.