What is a Running Coach and why would I want one?

In short, a Running Coach is someone who advises, supports and helps you reach your running goals. Not convinced you have running goals? Well, you still might want a coach and here’s why.

How does Personal Coaching work?

After purchasing an 8-16 week Personal Coaching package you will be emailed a New Client Questionnaire and waiver. The New Client Questionnaire can be completed electronically. Please print the waiver, sign it and scan it. Email both documents to realfittogether@gmail.com.

After I receive your completed New Client Questionnaire and waiver I will reply, if necessary, with follow up/clarifying questions. We will agree on when to start, and I will send you a running plan for your first week.

I will ask that you, at a minimum, email me at the end of each week and tell me how things went. How do you feel physically and emotionally? What worked and what didn’t? I will then email you the plan for the following week. You will also have unlimited email access to me throughout the week to ask questions, address aches and pains, celebrate successes etc.

Where are you located?

I live in the suburbs of Denver, CO (Arvada specifically). This is relevant if you are interested in private or semi-private yoga.


All run coaching is done virtually (via email). This means I get to work with anyone anywhere.

I don’t really run. When I try to run I am terrible at it. Should I try to get better on my own before purchasing a Personal Coaching package?

Absolutely not! I love working with clients that are new to running. In fact, NOW is the best time to hire a running coach. I can help you establish a sustainable running routine, help keep you injury-free and, most importantly, make sure you’re having fun!

If you still don’t feel ready to dive into Personal Coaching, try my FREE, introductory running program – 1 Year to Easy Running.

How many weeks should I purchase?

It really depends. Your best bet is to contact me and, together, we can figure out what makes most sense.

If you have your eye on a race, please keep in mind that it will probably take you about a week to complete the New Client Questionnaire, and then we will need another week or so of back and forth questions/answers before you begin training. These ~2 weeks do not count towards your package.

Can I purchase Personal Coaching for a time span less than 8 weeks or greater than 16 weeks?

Unfortunately, I do not offer less than 8 weeks of Personal Coaching to new clients. This has nothing to do with making money and everything to do with ensuring you are successful and have a positive experience. I find that 8-16 weeks is a good length of time to focus on and accomplish a goal.

I am open to discussing training cycle lengths greater than 16 weeks. I am also open to discussing training cycle lengths less than 8 weeks with returning clients only. Please contact me with specific inquiries.

I am a new client. Why is a Custom Training Plan so expensive?

Although I do offer Custom Training Plans to new clients, I highly recommend first completing at least one cycle of Personal Coaching. My prices are set to encourage this. It is very important to me that every runner is successful and has a positive experience. Personal Coaching gives me the opportunity to get to know you and adjust your plan throughout the cycle. You will also learn more about your running during this time. After completing 8-16 weeks together you’ll feel more confident in your ability to train independently.

How much do you charge for private and semi-private yoga?

Please contact me for my current rates and availability. It will vary depending on where we meet, how long you want to practice and how many people attend.

I am currently growing my yoga business and my rates reflect that.

Do you offer any discounts?

In addition to advertised sales, I regularly offer discounts for new client referrals and to returning clients. If you don’t see a discount posted, please feel free to contact me and ask.


Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Please don’t hesitate to Contact me.