First: A Confession

First, a confession: Only 1 person has registered for my summer group yoga series. I don’t really want to share this because it feels embarrassing. I expected it to fill up quickly, and so I’m doubting and questioning myself. I’ve also been feeling unsure about what to do next. The truth is I don’t want…

What Would You Do if You Were Allowed to Fail?

For the year 2021, I chose the word FAILURE. Sure, I could’ve picked a rosier word like empowered or action. But I wanted proof that I was doing and trying enough. And I wanted to get comfortable falling down and picking myself back up.

For the Love of God, Please Stop Calling it Jogging

I jogged for years before I felt comfortable calling myself a runner. During that time I often wondered, “What is the difference between running and jogging? Am I a runner yet?” Well friends, I’m here to tell you. What a relief, right? Because this is important. I think we all understand that running is good and…

A Thanksgiving Meditation

The suffering does not mean you’re doing it wrong. It does not mean you’re wallowing, or playing the victim, or getting “attached” to your thoughts, or becoming your thoughts, or even that you’re ungrateful. It just means your human.


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