Happy Day After Thanksgiving


Happy day after Thanksgiving friends!

The other day, a friend of mine asked me about the holidays. I told her I expect them to be both hard and wonderful. And that’s pretty much exactly how yesterday went.

I stopped by my parents’ house in the morning to pick up a serving bowl and a pot to steam green beans. Visiting their home is always difficult, and the holiday only made it more emotional. My memories of the last two Thanksgivings were vivid:

2015 – Mere days before my mom’s diagnosis
2016 – Deep rooted gratitude, knowing it could be my last Thanksgiving with my mom

So it was hard.

But then it was also a beautiful day with my little family and old friends of my parents’ that treat us like family.

Big Girl tells me she’s grateful for family and food. Baby Girl is thankful for Christmas. And I can’t really blame her, seeing as how I’m planning ahead too.

I’m taking 25% off all orders over $20 and all custom orders in my Etsy shop through the end of the day Monday, 11/27/17. Humor me, please, and check it out! I’d love your feedback, even if you don’t buy anything. Stuff like:

  • I like that thing, but I wish you had it in a different color.
  • That’s cool, but just a little too expensive.
  • I’d like something like that if it were a different size.
  • Hey, have you ever thought about making something like this?

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend full of family, friends, yummy leftovers and maybe even a run!

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