1 Year to Easy Running

A few weeks ago I was gifted with a sudden burst of motivation. Usually, I’m a meticulous planner. If it’s not on a list and the calendar, it generally doesn’t get done. But over the last several weeks, I just went and did all sorts of things I’ve fantasized about getting done “one day.” It turns out “one day” was the 1 year anniversary of this business! I didn’t even realize it until after the fact. How cool is that?!

Let’s now take a look at the 3 big anniversary presents my motivation produced:

1 Year to Easy Running

This is a free, introductory training plan for all those who don’t think they can run, but secretly want to.

Here’s what you need to start: absolutely no running experience.
Here’s what you need to finish: commit to walk/run for 20 minutes 3 days/week for 1 year.

The backbone of this plan is a gentle build up. The gentle build up sets this plan apart from other plans you’ll find on the web. This is for all my friends, all of you, who’ve tried running and quit because it hurt. Or because it just felt way too hard. Or because you burned out.

I designed this plan for YOU.

A whole year is a big commitment. I know. But once you start, I think you’ll find it’s not so bad. And then – BAM! – a year later you’ll be running easy.

Read more about it over here or subscribe to the blog and download your free copy today.

LauraWJewels on Etsy

I moved my mala and gemstone jewelry shop over to Etsy, and I’ve been working furiously to upload my inventory. I also plan on cranking out more inventory before having a big sale Black Friday through Cyper Monday. (And then I’ll probably add even more inventory the first couple weeks of December.)

So check it out, and keep checking it out, and let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for. I love custom orders!

Website Revamp

Last, but not least – I completely revamped my website. So come on over and check it out. (You may need to clear out your browser history if you haven’t done so since the last time you stopped by.)

Happy Anniversary Friends!


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