Suggestions Please for Growing This Business


How do you connect your body to your life? How can I help? I need your suggestions for blog post topics and product and service offerings.

I feel a bit scatterbrained this week. I’ve procrastinated writing this post as much as I possibly can. Mostly because I can’t decide what to write about.

I asked Big Girl for her advice this morning. She had about 500 suggestions, most of which I don’t remember. I do remember two options: ponies or the trash can turned robot. She was pretty excited about the prospect of a walking and talking waste bin.

My husband suggested I write about either Elmo or how awesome he is (after slamming him last week over the dress mishap). Turns out he’s about as good at brainstorming as he is at packing.

So I decided to ask Baby Girl for her input. She says I should write about, “Um…W”.

Sorry family. None of this works. I’m going to try another route.

If I ask myself what I truly want to do with myself, my career and my life it’s to help people. Not just physically, but emotionally too. I believe the two, the body and the mind/spirit are so very integrated. Exercising mindlessly does little to heal the physical body, and we cannot improve the quality of our lives while ignoring our physical bodies. So I want to help people. I mean, this is really it. This is the foundation. This is the core. My dreams are rooted in this. And I’m choosing the body as the vehicle because, at this point in my life, that’s what makes most sense to me. But it hasn’t always.

For most of my life I was taught to value intellect. I know all parents tell their kids to get good grades, but there was an extra emphasis on education in the household I grew up in. So I took the accelerated courses. I got the good grades. I did all the studying and earned a degree in engineering. I spent years working in a field built around data. Suppress your emotions, deny your gut instincts and base your decisions on numbers.

And all the while I found the most peace, the most contentment, the most clarity out on the trails, 2 hours worth of dirt etched into the tread of my running shoes. Lying on my stomach, my head turned to the side, my ear resting atop a beach towel soaked in my own sweat, the stink of my yoga mat somehow a comfort after 80 minutes of posturing in 105 degrees.

I still value my intellect. I still respect numbers and enjoy sinking my teeth into a good spreadsheet. But when it comes to my life I am learning to listen to my physical body. I’m making decisions with my heart, my gut and my intuition. My conscious mind is becoming aware of the lessons I have already learned with my physical body. [bctt tweet=”I’m making decisions with my heart, my gut and my intuition.” username=”@realfittogether”]

I was talking to a friend of mine this week about this business. I told her that there’s something here, but I also feel like it’s missing something. I haven’t quite figured out how to share what I’ve discovered in my own life. I don’t know how to translate these lessons into a product or service. I have lots ideas, of course. Lots and lots and lots of ideas and a foggy path forward.

I need help. Maybe you, dear reader, can do what my family and I cannot. Do you have any suggestions? What product or service would help you better connect to your physical body? What would improve the quality of your life?

My friend commented, “It’s like there are so many great dots. There just has to be a way to connect them all.” Perhaps I’ll find some overlap between your suggestions and the flood of ideas swimming around in my head. And we can create magic together.

Speaking of magic, check that shape with Nick Jonas. I dare you to look away from these cool moves and focus on something important and adult-ish. Like writing a blog post.

Photo Credit: connect the dots by Michelle Milla is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Original cropped

8 thoughts on “Suggestions Please for Growing This Business

  1. Hi! I Love reading your blog posts!! I’ve been wanting to find a good, interesting dvd for pilates/yoga. Are there certain dvds you recommend? While you find your contentment and peace outdoors during and after a nice sweaty workout, mine comes from being outside helping my friends on the street, whether it’s sharing books or a hot meal. The thought of hiking for an hour or running a few miles really turns me off. I won’t do it. But I do totally see a connection between health & emotional well being. I know I’m not going to run or go spend an hour at the gym but besides the walk I take my dog on every day – what are some other exercisey things I can do? Hence – pilates/yoga dvd? other thing? I know I should be doing more but it all feels so daunting.


    1. Oh yes, I’m sure you do find peace and contentment outside helping others. I so admire all the work you do. Incredible!

      I’ve never gotten into the DVD thing so, unfortunately, I don’t really have recommendations. Anything new feels daunting, for sure. I could really see you doing yoga. There are so many varietals with varying emphasis and intensity. Try a gentler class. It might be harder to get yourself there to begin with, but I’d be willing to bet you’d have a better experience with a live teacher (vs. DVD). I only ever practiced Bikram in CA so I don’t even have a studio or teacher to recommend! (Don’t do Bikram. I loved it, but I don’t get the sense that it would be your cup of tea…). Amy Hirsh was raving about her yoga teacher recently. Maybe check where she goes? Just an idea.


  2. What have been the major milestones for you on your journey? What were key lessons that you have embodied, and where did those come from? Did you find them or did they find you? Any major changes in direction, and what were the drivers there? Understanding your path may help others define their own? …I have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head too…any suggestions on exercises on self reflection, goal setting and action planning?


  3. I really want to help but I am struggling too! I am not quite sure what you are asking/looking for but here are my two cents on some thoughts I had while reading and some of the questions you posed.

    – Just keep swimming/blogging. Anytime I read your blog there always seems to be a comment on how much someone loves your writing. And I agree with the different someones who have said this! Just keep writing! Don’t worry too much about the topic, just keep writing.

    – Body and Mind – For me, I need the ability to eat nachos and ice cream for my sanity. Which means I am never going to lose those 10 lbs. Most of the time I am a-okay with this! Sometimes I am not. I would like to find a way to be always okay with this – ha! But I think it is also healthy to want to continuously improve. But maybe not if you are not really focusing to get there because you know – nachos. πŸ™‚

    Quality of Life – I want to allow myself to fail more. Logically I understand that failing is good and a way to learn and a way to improve. Emotionally I hate failing. And being wrong.

    There is so much sadness and ugly stuff going on in the news, I want to broaden my intake of happy news! I want to hear more about things where I can actually see and feel a positive impact insead of the helplessness feeling.

    Lastly, I have a damn good life. And I work my ass off for this amazing life. And sometimes I feel guilty that I feel sad or depressed when I have it so damn good. I REALLY hate admitting this.

    I hope this helps you in some way shape or form!


    1. We clearly have more in common than a name! OMG, I can relate to all of this. The weight thing. YES. The need to fail more. YES. The good life and guilt. YES. Wow. I don’t think I was very clear in what I was asking for. Maybe product/service suggestions. Even thought I didn’t really get that in the response all the comments and questions have forced me to think about what I’m doing here in a different way. Can’t say I suddenly have clarity but I feel like I’m narrowing it down. And finally, thank you so much for the compliment on my writing! Just keep swimming- such great advice. I think to a certain extent I feel like I need to be constantly moving forward, when I could probably benefit from just accepting where I’m at and/or some back tracking. See: allow more failure. Thanks for your help and encouragement Laura!!!


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