Getting Out There is Hard, Even for a Running Coach

This running coach understands it’s hard to get out there. And I’m accepting new clients.

This past Saturday my Big Girl turned 5! She starts kindergarten this fall. KINDERGARTEN! How did this happen??? Soon she will learn how to read and write. She will no longer be impressed with my ability to add 100 and 100 together quickly and IN MY HEAD. Before I know it she’ll be able to legitimately beat me in a 2K race. I mean, really, look at this girl go.

In the spirit of full disclosure I will share that it was challenging getting up and out Saturday morning for the Race My Toddler Virtual 2K. We all stayed up late Friday night drinking wine, watching Sesame Street and catching up with friends visiting from out of town. So naturally Big Girl tried really hard to sleep in – for the first time in her entire life – Saturday morning.

It was a good reminder that it really can be really hard to get out there, even for a 1.24 mile walk. And even for a running coach. But then, of course, it was great. Getting outside and moving felt great. How was it for you? Do you need more movement in your life? Do you want to break up your week with some walking and maybe even a little bit of running? Do you want to build or grow a running routine safely and effectively? I would love to work with you.

I opened up two Personal Run Coaching slots this morning. You can read more about what a running coach is and why you would want one here. If you still have questions check out the FAQ page or please don’t hesitate to Contact Me.

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