Start Running in 2017 and Then Virtual Race My Toddler


Need motivation to start running in 2017? Try the Race My Toddler Virtual 2K.

It’s free, you can do it anywhere, there will be prizes and I will send you a training plan that kicks off on January 3rd when you subscribe to the blog. [mc4wp_form id=”1506″] It’s for adults, but bring the kids. Use this as motivation and support to start running in 2017. Or walk if you want to. There’s really no good reason NOT to do it. Read about how to sign up over here.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you about how I got my start running.

I got my first start running my freshman year of high school. Some of friends signed up for the track team. So I did too. For most of the year I fancied myself the second worst runner on the team. At a meet towards the end of the season our coach entered me and the “worst” runner in an empty 100m heat. She beat me. By a lot. I didn’t sign up for track the next year.

I decided to start running the second time my senior year of college after dating a guy on the track team. He was in pretty good shape. Clearly. I felt pretty lumpy in contrast and figured I should probably run too. The relationship didn’t last, but the running did. Within months I registered for a full marathon. Don’t do this friends. It’s okay to get excited when you start running. Then chill out for a minute, eat a cookie and register for a 2K. The marathon was a disaster (shocking, I know) and I gave up running.

My third start running was in 2010. I don’t really remember having a conscious reason. I had put on weight after 5 years of working a desk job. So it was about losing weight. But it was also about taking care of my body and taking control of my life. And it stuck.

The truth is these are just the major starts and stops. There have been dozens of other tiny starts and stops over the years for all kinds of reasons good and bad. The details don’t really matter.

Maybe you’ve tried to start running before. Maybe you stopped. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you want to start running, but you don’t think you can or you don’t think you have the time. Maybe you’re afraid to admit you want to try. Maybe you hadn’t even considered running until you read this post and now you’re wondering, “Well… I guess… MAYBE… I don’t know…” Or maybe you’d really just prefer to walk. This race is for ALL OF YOU.

And it’s for me too. I’ve wanted to organize a virtual race for such a long time. I’ve just been too afraid that no one will sign up. Of course, I’m still afraid of that. Please friends, save me from this embarrassment.

So do it for me, or do it for you, or do it for all of us. Just do it.

If you want to go the extra mile (Figuratively, I mean. It’s really just a 2K.), I could also use your help with prizes. Do you have a business you’d like to promote? All prizes will be listed on the prize page from now until the winners are announced after race day (2/18/17). Your prize will be announced individually via social media when it’s posted on the prize page and again when the winner is announced. The more people and businesses get involved, the more exposure everyone gets.

Or maybe you want to help out of the goodness of your kind and generous heart. You are the best, after all. Prizes can be absolutely anything and don’t have to relate to health and fitness.

Think you may have something to offer? Let me know!

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